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System Requirements:

  • .NET 4.0 (the project could be run in .NET 2.0+ by changing the target version)
  • Windows machine - code tested on Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows XP


  • Language - C#
  • IDE - Visual Studio 2010

Properties of Captcha Control:

The following properties can be set for the user control:

  • BackgroundImagePath - the path to the background image of captcha text. This property supports local file system path. Use the "~" notation at the start of the path attribute so it can be found by Server.MapPath(path) method.
  • CaptchaLength - the length of captcha text. Default is 6. Values less than 5 and over 12 are reset to 12.
  • CharacterSet - the set of characters to be used for the captcha. Default is all upper case letters and 1-9 numeric. I would recommend using only upper or lower case letters as this simplifies the text.
  • TestButtonText - the text to the Captcha validation button.
  • ReLoadButtonText - the text to Captcha Reload button
  • SpeakButtonText - the text for the Speak button
  • TextColor - text color of captcha text. Use your judgment in setting the color as the captcha may not be readable if color is not properly chosen.
  • FontFamily - Font family of captcha text. Default is Arial.
  • FontSize - Font size of captcha text. Supports value between 12 and 24. Other values set are automatically changed to 14px.
  • SuccessMessage - message to display if value entered is correct.
  • ErrorMessage - message to display if value entered is incorrect.



The default.aspx page is created as an example page. The user control CaptchaControl.ascx is added and the properties are set.


Styling the controls:

The user control consists of Buttons, Textbox and Label controls. CSS styles can be applied to these controls. Currently default styles are set.

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